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Deep breaths are like love notes to your body​

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Therapeutic Massage

Our therapeutic

massage treatments include a health history, assessment of signs and symptoms with orthopaedic, muscle testing and range of motion, hands on treatment time and home care exercises and stretches .

Deep tissue massage focuses in on tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints with the intention of relieving specific symptoms and pain. Therapeutic massage can be used to address neuro-muscular pain, circulation, chronic patterns of tension and soft tissue injuries.​

30min $60

Not recommended for initial  treatment

45min $80

60min $96

75min $116

90min $140

120min $180



Acupuncture is based on a 5000 year history of clinical observation and treatment. Fine stainless steel (disposable) needles are inserted at specific points on the body to stimulate the body's own healing ability. When the qi (energy) in the body does not circulate properly disease and emotional disharmony will develop. When the circulation of energy is not blocked, health and happiness is a natural result. Acupuncture is effective at addressing the root of illness including but not limited to: Irritable Bowel, Chronic Fatigue, Frozen Shoulder, Menstrual problems, Depression, and Chronic, Trauma, and Autoimmune disorders. Patients often see positive results between 3-7 sessions with chronic conditions. When used in compliment with BodyTalk the results are often experienced in 1-3 treatments but can take longer for chronic conditions. 

Per Week

Best for General Upkeep

90min Initial Acupuncture $110

60min Subsequent Acupuncture $85

30min Subsequent Acupuncture $60


Hot Stone Massage

Parafin Wax

We use Perfectsense Paraffin, an innovative heating chamber of solid aluminum construction that uses water & mineral technology to melt paraffin.

Heat is produced by the exothermic reaction of adding liquid to a mineral pouch containing silica, magnesium and iron.

Paraffin is infused with 11 vitamins & selenium providing antioxidants & nutrients. Paraffin wax treatments are the deepest heat, most heating treatments only affect muscle and tendon but paraffin can have an affect on bone, joints and ligaments

The system uses medical-grade gloves & booties pre-filled with physiotherapeutic spa-grade paraffin, which prevents fungal, bacterial and viral cross contamination.

Paraffin wax treatments are used in the treatment of arthritis, carpal tunnel, chronic tendonitis, increase blood circulation and assist in soothing aches and pains.​

Per Day

Best for Busy Homes

90min Hot Stone Massage $140

Hands or Feet $14

Both Hands & Feet $24


Body Talk

'Healthcare designed by your body'

BodyTalk is an 'energy modality' that integrates acupuncture theory, quantum theory, western medicine. Relying on the 'innate wisdom' in the body, BodyTalk utilizes muscle testing to help improve communication within all areas. Just as in a healthy family system, the body is healthiest when it is in relationship with all body parts and systems. Because of the stress of modern culture and lifestyle, communication systems are often compromised. When emotional and physical blockages are released the body responds by healing from many conditions including digestive problems, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, child hood issues such as bed wetting and anxiety.


Reflexology is the ancient art of foot massage which originated in China and which was also known to the Ancient Egyptians. It is believed that energy runs through the body in channels known as meridians and that massage of the feet stimulates these energy channels, promoting healing and relaxation. Every part of the foot corresponds to an area of the body, and massage of the feet stimulates the corresponding part of the body so that receiving a reflexology massage is regarded as the equivalent of a full body massage

75min Foot reflexology with foot soak, scrub and paraffin wax $96

45min Reflexology $80