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Jennie McIntyre RMT 

On maternity leave May-Sept 2019

Jennie is a graduate of the West Collage of Massage Therapy here in Victoria BC, she completed the 3000 hour massage therapy program in 2010 and has been practicing in Victoria since. Jennie has worked at several different clinic environments, gaining experience and appreciation for alternative health care.

Jennie demonstrates not only knowledge and passion for the human body but a true understanding of holistic health. She feels comfortable having in-scope discussions about diet, exercise and recommends other professionals, when necessary.

Jennie's treatments are generally deep tissue but she also has a softer side to accommodate prenatal/postnatal and infant massage. Jennie has found success in treating everything from scar tissue release, chronic and acute injuries, to abdomen massage for constipation and IBS symptoms. 

Jennie has completed continuing education classes in pelvic floor dysfunction, orthopaedic treatment of the shoulder and pelvic girdles, Yammuna ball rolling (using balls to release myofascial adhesions). In the future she is hoping to continue her education in scar release with the focus on c-sections, mastectomy and problematic post operative scar tissue.

Jennie balances her life as a mom & clinic owner with Iyengar yoga, hiking, camping, fishing and gardening.

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Jenna LaFleche RMT

Nanaimo born Jenna LaFleche is a graduate of the Canadian College of Massage Therapy and is registered in good standing with the CMTBC. Currently living in Victoria, BC, she began her massage therapy education in 2009 while studying abroad in Munich, Germany at the Staatliche Berufsfachschule fuer Massage am Klinikum Großhadern. This unique experience has given her an immersive education in the science and art of therapeutic massage. In both Canada and in Europe she has had the oppourtunity to work with many different clients from all walks of life to help her better understand the healing process and to further develop her skills in the nature of pain management, manual therapy, connective tissue therapy, and therapeutic exercise. The most fundamental aspects to Jenna, with regard to massage therapy, is understanding body awareness and the crucial effect that awareness has on our perception of pain, and in turn, our healing in day to day life.

In her spare time Jenna enjoys yoga, weightlifting, cooking, gardening, meditation, and painting. She is an initiate of the Vajrayana School of Tibetan Buddhism.

Jenna plans to expand her skillset and knowledge through continuing education and has a specific interest in Manual Lympatic Drainage, Thai Yoga massage, Lomi-Lomi, Connective Tissue Therapy (German: "Bindegewebstherapie"), Fascial Manipulation/Release, Structural integration, and Craniosacral therapy.

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Barbara Wilkinson RMT

Barbara has moved her practice to Pure Body Health 276 Yates St 


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