Royal Bay Massage Therapy




Royal Bay Massage Therapy is a small quite clinic nestled in the trees of Metchosin, just 20 minutes from Victoria​. Our therapists offers a variety treatments to suit everyones needs, everything from relaxation to deep tissue and everything in-between including pregnancy, scar tissue release and chronic pain. We are equip with an adjustable, heated electric table for the ease and comfort of our clients. A massage chair is also an options for clients that can not comfortably lay on their stomach or have issues with breathing (COPD). We also offer several pillowing options for pregnancy massage.

Come and enjoy a little space and a little time for yourself.

Directions and Parking​

Royal Bay Massage Therapy is nestled in the trees of Metchosin just passed the Royal Bay beach park. 

The driveway for the clinic is off Duke Rd East, it is the first driveway on the left passed Haystock Rd. If you are unable to safely and comfortably navigate the driveway, you can park on Haystock Rd above the clinic. 

Handicap parking is in front of the garage, we recommend backing in so that the driver side door is closest to the clinic.  Please tell us ahead of time so that we can make sure the spot is clear. Please respect our neighbours and their property when visiting the clinic.

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"and I said to my body softly 'I want to

be your friend.' it took a long breath 

and replied 'I have been waiting my

whole life for this."

-Nayyirah Waheed