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We have had some recent work done to the property to provide clients with more parking and better access to the clinic. We will be utilizing our second driveway off Duke Rd, just pasted Haystock Rd on the left. There is parking for 2 vehicles and a small turn around.

If you want to or feel more comfortable parking on Haystock Rd, please do so.

Fall 2017 Clinic Hours

Monday - 8am-2pm Barbara

2pm-8pm Jennie

Tuesday - 2pm-8pm Jennie

Wednesday - 8am-2pm Jennie

2pm-8pm Babara

Thursday - 2pm-8pm Barbara

Friday - 8:30am-3pm Jennie

Saturday - Closed

Sunday - 10am-4pm Barbara 

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Directions and Parking

Royal Bay Massage Therapy is nestled in the trees of Metchosin just passed the Royal Bay beach park. 

The driveway for the clinic is off Duke Rd, it is the first driveway on the left passed Haystock Rd. If you are unable to safely and comfortably navigate the driveway, you can park on Haystock Rd. 

Handicap parking is in front of the garage, we recommend backing in so that the driver side door is closest to the clinic.  Please tell us ahead of time so that we can make sure the spot is clear. Please respect our neighbours and their property when visiting the clinic.

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